Sony Patent Reveals LED Wand for PlayStation… 2?

Now here’s an interesting find. In their ventures through various patents, trademarks, and ratings, Siliconera has discovered a “colorful LED wand” for use with a Sony system.

Only thing is, it’s not for the PlayStation 3, but rather, the device seems to have been designed with the PlayStation 2 in mind, as it is that console featured in numerous diagrams.

“The unnamed input device has a LED on the front and an external power supply,” Siliconera notes. “Emitted light is captured by an inexpensive camera and translated into user input data. Sony’s interface program is unique since the device produces one or more colors of light which allows greater flexibility for differently lit rooms.”

And before anyone calls foul for ripping off the Wii Remote (which will happen anyway), the device in question might not even be an actual wand, as illustrated by another set of diagrams.

Utilizing the same LED emitting technology, “this hypothetical controller is designed to fit on a finger, radiates light from multiple LEDs, and has buttons on the side. Ring controllers… the future of video games?”

Check out Siliconera’s report on the diagrams, and see what you think. And feel free to voice your opinions below.

It’s a curious notion, in any instance. I wonder if it’s being considered to prolong the lifespan of Sony’s last-generation system?