Sony Outsells Nintendo in Japan for Week Ending March 8th

I typically hate writing about hardware sales; it’s usually just the same thing, month in and month out, with the Wii at the top. However, something interesting happened in Japan this week.

Sony beat Nintendo. Both the PlayStation 3 and the PlayStation Portable, in fact.

According to Reuters, both platforms managed to outsell Nintendo’s for the first time in nine months. So, what stirred up the demand?

Resident Evil 5, of course. Or, Biohazard 5, to be more precise.

In the week ending March 8th, Sony has been estimated as having sold 38,748 PlayStation 3 units, while the Wii moved 16,950, which was only a bit more than Microsoft’s 15,152 Xbox 360s.

As for the PSP, it seems the driving factor in the increased demand there was… colors? Indeed, last week’s addition of new colors of the handheld is credited for the heightened demand, leading Sony on to 60,339 sales for the week. Nintendo didn’t trail behind by as much as the Wii, still moving a respectable 46,044 DS units, which still remains ahead of the PSP in global sales.