Sony Online Entertainment’s Day has Come

For those of you who treat Sony like a religion, your day has come!

According to IGN’s Voodoo Extreme, March 10th will see Sony Online Entertainment President John Smedley receive an official proclamation from San Diego City Council member Carl DeMaio that declares March 16th to be “Sony Online Entertainment Day” within his city.

The proclamation of the event serves to not only celebrate 10 years since the launch of the Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game EverQuest, but also to show appreciation for the for the continued support and dedication SOE has shown for the city of San Diego and its community.

Asked if “SOE Day” would serve as a holiday for San Diego residents, SOE’s Taina Rodriguez, tongue in cheek, replied “only if they plan to spend it playing EverQuest!”

If you’re in the San Diego area on March 10th around 10am, then head to 202 C St., 12th Floor Council Chambers for the meeting, with the proclamation soon after.

I realize this seems largely PC-oriented, which isn’t our focus at here at Kombo, but I wanted to bring this up, as Sony Online Entertainment does make games for Sony’s home consoles as well, including the upcoming DC Universe Online and The Agency. In fact, I’m hoping that perhaps we might hear or see something good regarding either title on SOE Day, so we’ll keep an eye out.