Sony Helping Out With PS3 Bayonetta Port

Sega and Platinum Games are reportedly working on fixes for the troubled PS3 version of Bayonetta with help from Sony. They may be working to improve the game for its North American release.

We already knew that Sega was doing some work to the PS3 version of Bayonetta. GameKyo today reported however that Sony is sending assistance and the improvements may be more widespread than previously thought.

“Sega and Platinum Games have taken responsibility for the bad port,” said Ultimate [email protected] “[They are] deciding to work with the assistance of an engineering team from Sony to guarantee a PS3 version equal to the level of the console’s power.”

When the Japanese Bayonetta demo came out just before the Japanese launch in October, the PS3 version was called out for its inferior graphics and framerate. The full PS3 version got a slightly lower score from Famitsu and Sega customer service representatives admitted the issue of its load times. Platinum Games seemingly distanced themselves from the PS3 port saying that they only worked on the Xbox 360 version.

In November, Sega announced work on a patch to fix the PS3 game’s load times. These new reports of help from Sony suggest more extensive work that could be for the western releases that were originally pushed back to early January for market reasons.

The English Bayonetta demo will be available on Playstation Network and Xbox Live with this week’s updates. The Japanese PS3 version of Bayonetta with its full English dialogue and text however has been heavily imported.

Fan art by “npn.”