Sony Axes Load Time-Inducing WipEout HD Ad

A disturbance was felt in the Force yesterday by Sony, as though millions of voices were crying out, and suddenly logged off.

The reason for this, of course, was the new WipEout HD DLC which wrought new advertising. But worse than even the advertising itself was that the new addition to the game seemed to slow the game down, specifically through load times. And you know what you get when you slow down something that’s supposed to be really, really fast?

*insert Sonic joke here*

But seriously, players’ disdain did not escape the notice of the Sony hierarchy, who set out to make right what went wrong. “The ad has been removed from WipEout HD and we are investigating the situation to ensure that any in-game advertising does not affect gameplay,” a company spokesperson told Eurogamer today.

And then there was much cheering, but no one has heard it yet; the speed of sound has yet to catch up with the racers making the noise.