Sony Announces PixelJunk Shooter 2 for PSN

Developer Q-Games has created quite a nice little following for it on the PlayStation Network, thanks to the uniquely offbeat and artistic PixelJunk series. Kicking off with PixelJunk Racers, and leading to the critically acclaimed Monsters and Eden the series’s simple visuals and addictive gameplay took a turn for the old school with 2009’s PixelJunk Shooter, the developer’s take on side-scrolling shoot-em-ups.

Now, Q-Games has officially announced a sequel, PixelJunk Shooter 2, which Q-Games president Dylan Cuthbert promises will be bigger and better than before. Little else was revealed about the game, but you can expect a full reveal at E3.

Of course, now the questions have begun to roll in…why Shooter? While a great game in its own right, it wasn’t nearly as critically-acclaimed as Monsters, Q-Games’ take on the burgeoning tower-defense genre, and Eden an artistic platformer which remains one of the PSN’s most popular games. Even more surprising is that this is the first sequel for the PixelJunk series, a franchise previously driven by creating new game types, not updating previous ones.

The obvious reasoning for Shooter 2,hinted to Cuthbert, is to create a game that completes the vision he set forth. While the first Shooter was an enjoyable romp, it felt incomplete. According to Cuthbert, the sequel will allow him and the Q-Games team to implement all the ideas that were on the table for the original, so much so that he says there won’t be a third sequel due to how jam-packed this game will be.

In short, the only reason for the sequel is that Shooter 2 was unfinished, which begs the question: Why isn’t this DLC? The obvious answer is that, since this is a downloadable game, and filled with a ton of additional content, actually using Shooter 2 as DLC would be relatively silly, and not give the consumer an option in regards to simply skipping ahead and playing the new levels.

Expect more hands-on time with this game at E3 2010.