Sony Acknowledges the Lack of Online Platform-level Support and says Future Facebook Functionality i

When comparing the online experiences of the PS3 and Xbox 360, Microsoft’s Live service undoubtedly trupms PSN. Why is it that gamers are willing to pay $50 a year to hop on the Xbox Live bandwagon, while PlayStation offers online gaming for free?

Well, let me tell you why.

It ultimately comes down to two things: time and platform-level support. The fact that Microsoft was able to put out a unified online experience before the PlayStation Network was even up and running, has put Microsoft in a league entirely beyond the PlayStation offerings. Fortunately for PS3 owners, it looks like that is about to change.

According to an interview with Edge, Yoshida, the president of Sony Computer Entertainment worldwide studios said, “I think we were late to offer the platform-level support, to make the online functionality work at that level.”

He then went on to explain why Sony made such a choice and what this all means now for PlayStation’s future. “We made the prior decision that you do not introduce the common centralized network names into every experience, so publishers made their own. That was fine at the start, but as more and more games have online functionality you need a unified approach. So Microsoft took that approach in the last generation, and maybe that’s where people see the difference when they compare Xbox Live and PSN.”

Maybe? How about, that is exactly where gamers see the disparity. Sorry Sony, but Home just isn’t the answer. Please make PSN a unified experience and I can assure you that PlayStation gamers will be happy.

Yoshida also addressed the possibility of integrating social networking tools into PSN like Microsoft is doing with Facebook and Twitter. “Something like 300 million people already have accounts on Facebook. Why should we ignore that?”

Facebook on PSN confirmed?