Sony’s Ad-man Kevin Butler Comes Out Swinging Against Wii, Natal

Many people that were underwhelmed by Sony’s Move presentation at GDC said that it would have been improved had Kevin Butler did the talking. Butler is the faux — and hilarious — Sony executive from the latest round of Playstation commercials.

The theory that Butler should actually be in charge of Sony’s presentations gained some strength with the commercial that you can watch above.

Even though some issues can be made against Butler’s arguments it cannot be argued with how he laid out those assertions. They are the typical Sony talking points, but made with the confidence of someone who knows he is hilarious.

The Butler commercials continues a brilliant trend in marketing. A commercial campaign that simultaneously speaks to the casual fan — through humor — and to the hardcore fan — through in-jokes.

While the casual fan is laughing at the way Butler points out the way a real man fights — the casual gamer is laughing and the hardcore gamer is noticing the non-veiled attacks on the Wii.

For the gamers that are truly involved notice the hilarious framed photo of Jack Tretton on the entertainment center.

A big part of the battle when trying to introduce something like the PS Move is public perception. Are the butler ads going to be enough to overcome the initial reaction of the hardcore gamers or will that not even matter if the average consumer is so taken with ads like this one?