Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing – PS3-Exclusive Feature, 27 Tracks, and More

Presently, exclusive content for Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing seems a touch… unbalanced.

On the Xbox 360 front, we have Banjo & Kazooie and Xbox Avatars as playable characters. On the Wii, there are Miis as playable characters and racing wheels, though the latter is only in some parts of Europe.

And what does the PlayStation 3 get?

According to a Sonic Stadium translation of Amazon’s German page, they can expect ” Especially on the PS3: Even more dynamism in breathtaking races with Sixaxis control.”

…yeah. That’s great.

Though actually, there is at least the potential for there to be more to it than that, according to TSSZ News:

The addition of SixAxis may open the door for up to 7-8 player races offline. Other PS3 games, notably titles in the 2K Sports series, allow 7 player offline action via SixAxis, and a few like Buzz: Quiz TV! can handle eight at a time with the mehtod. In this context, the capabilities remain to be seen.

Of course, SEGA and Sumo Digital are still several weeks away from release and still trying to keep the suspense up regarding racers and other things, so hope remains that there will be more for the time being. Even then, it seems weird to tout something like Sixaxis control as being “especially” for the PS3, given the Wii Remote can do the same thing, and likely better.

Oh, and the DS version? Was anyone really expecting anything particularly special or exclusive for that one?

Anyway, both sites also take note of something interesting from all five (including PC) versions on the German Amazon’s pages: they all cite twenty-seven tracks, rather than the twenty-four cited by most other retail outlets. It is also noted that doesn’t even list a number.

Finally, for those who can get the UK’s Official Nintendo Magazine, Sonic Stadium reports that the new February issue is out today and features a “very positive” cover story preview for the game. In addition to that, it also includes Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing stickers and a two-page poster with new artwork, which you can see in full form here.