Sonic and the Black Knight: Euro Box Art and New Info

Via GoNintendo, what you see above is the box art displayed by for Sonic and the Black Knight. However, it appears to be missing the Nintendo WiFi logo, which contradicts some of the new information provided by Nintendo Power:

– Nunchuk to move Sonic, A to Jump and flick of the Wiimote to attack, and Z to block

– Knuckles, Shadow and Blaze are bosses in the game, they are part of a round table, once you beat them they become your friend. Looks like they are playable as well, though this is optional.

– Each environment has about 6 to 9 missions.

– Looks like there is 3 fighting styles to choose from. Cavalier style = speed. Paladin style = Strength or Knight Style = a balance of both.

– You can get new skills, like in Secret Rings.

– There also seems to be a multiplayer mode (Battle and Survivor Mode)

– “There are Solo Missions designed specifically for ranked online challenges”

Thanks to The Sonic Stadium, who cleaned up NeoGAF’s info a bit.

Anyway, cool to hear that Blaze will be playable as well, since the extra characters are optional. I just hope they have their own stories or cutscenes; I really don’t like going through the game again without that stuff; it just tends to feel emptier somehow.

Secret Rings was pretty good, and I’m eager to try its successor.