Someone Else Says Motion Control for 360 is Real; Microsoft Denial Pending

Sigh. I am getting so sick of these Microsoft rumors. Blu-ray this, motion control that. Until they actually announce something, or at least have something a little more material to show for it, it’s just chasing ghosts. Phantom news. Someone says they have something, MS doles out the usual PR line about rumors and speculation. Cycle repeats.

Anyway. Xbox World 360 says in its latest issue that the motion control remote shebang is the real deal, with its sources “confirming” that not only the controller but the Rare “Mii” project are both real, and will be out before the end of the year.

“This month, sources confirmed to us that both projects are real, which shouldn’t come as a surprise given Microsoft’s eagerness to ensnare the casual market,” says Xbox World 360.

“The Microsoft Mii system is well into development at Rare’s offices here in the UK, while the controller itself remains more mysterous,” the mag continues.

“Partnering with a third-party hardware developer as Nintendo did, Microsoft would want to bring the controller to market before the end of 2008.”

Well, ok. That’s great. Can we stop now?

The issue has Resident Evil 5 on the cover, if you’d like to hunt down a copy.