Some Wiis Don’t Want to Brawl; Nintendo Issues Response

Sunday– the day– has come and gone for owners of Nintendo’s Wii, as no doubt countless (though you can bet they will, anyway) fans turned out in droves to pick up their copy of Super Smash Bros. Brawl, some even staring straight into the depths of a snowy white hell in order to do so. “I will not be denied!” spewing forth from their lips as their mantra in that final hour, it turns out that some were, in fact, just that: Denied.

Much as the issue was in Japan, it seems that from atop their Mt. Olympus in Redmond, the Nintendo gods encourage clean living for those who wish to feast upon their mana. Contamination, via smoke or dust, has made it so that some Wii units are unable to read the special double-layered disc properly, and so there will be no Smashing of Brothers in those households this day.

However, as if in anticipation of this problem, Nintendo has quickly responded with this small FAQ and Repair form, which beseeches gamers not to try to do the job themselves. So on the upside, the problem is known and ready to be fixed. On the downside… most people no doubt feel they’ve waited long enough for Brawl as it is.