Skyrim Golden Claw / Dragon Claw Puzzle Solutions Guide

Fellow Nords and Ladies, are the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim puzzles confusing you?  Did you just want to kill more Druaga and get past the annoying gates?  Are you tired of getting arrows fired at you from walls or fire burning you every time you get a puzzle wrong?  If so, this article is specifically for you!  Let’s start with the basics: 

The Animal Tablets:

You come across these animal tablets early in the game.  These tablets have three animals on them, one on each face of the tablet.  The ones early in the game have an eagle, a snake, and a whale on them (shown below).  These puzzles involve your character turning the faces of the tablet a certain way, to pull a lever, to open some sort of door.  The correct combination is usually on the wall around where the lever is.  The solutions to the early versions of these puzzles are literally behind the tablets you need to turn.  For instance, if there is a snake picture on a wall behind a pillar with one of the three-faced tablets, you need to turn the tablet until the snake is shown.  Do this with the three other tablets, pull the lever, and wall-la.  You will know if you got the combination correct if the door opens.  If the combo is wrong, you get arrow or fire in the face.  You will know.



Golden Claw / Dragon Claw

By the time you reach this genre of puzzle, there is a chance you will get confused.  The reason I say this is that you are so use to the animal tablet puzzles that you will scour the walls, floors, roofs, connecting rooms, back of dragons (not really), for where the combination is written in by the game developers.  Despite ALL your attempts to retrace your steps, the answer isn’t there.   Theses puzzles are always on doors, with a three prong dragon claw key slot, with three creatures on three rotating slabs – as shown below.



The answer to these puzzles is on the actual key.  This is where I feel folk are getting confused.  You have to pull open your item screen, find the dragon claw, and examine it so you can move it around – like during a loading screen.  This technique reminds me of the original Resident Evil and certain items.  Once examined, you will see three creatures on the claw in an order; remember this order, slide the slabs above the door to match the claw order, put the claw / key into the door, and wall-la – passage.  For an example of what the images on the claw look like, below is a picture of the Coral Dragon Claw. 



So enjoy this puzzle guide.  While there are no actual answers to specific puzzles in this guide, with the examples shown, you should be able to figure out theses styles of Skyrim puzzles.  Happy dragon hunting!