Silicon Knights’ Dennis Dyack Happy His Company Ditched Unreal Engine 3

You may remember a certain incident a while back that involved two companies squabbling over the Unreal Engine 3. Actually, it was more of a lawsuit and, needless to say, these two companies aren’t exactly BFFs anymore. And so, in order to spit in its rival’s expensive Starbucks latte, Silicon Knights switched over to a new, in-house engine for their latest opus, Too Human — freeing themselves from Epic’s cruel shackles.

The real question, however, isn’t whether or not Epic and Silicon Knights will kiss and make up, or even what the final outcome of Silicon Knight’s lawsuit will be. Instead, Dennis Dyack is here to answer the question that’s been floating around in everyone’s brain matter: how’s the new engine?

“We completely threw out the Unreal Engine and focused on something that would work for what we’re doing, and it’s been fantastic,” he said while talking with CVG.

How fantastic, exactly?

“Co-op is awesome, the number of enemies on screen, the responsiveness, the framerate… everything we’re really happy with,” said Dyack.

Co-op? Seriously? Other than that, though, he’s right, as our own impressions can attest.

Unfortunately, Dyack is going to have to wait for a hand other than his own to give him a congratulatory pat on the back, as Too Human isn’t hitting shelves until August 19.