Shane Kim “Very Happy” Microsoft Never Released a Handheld

Don’t you just wish Microsoft would join the handheld race occupied by the Nintendo DS and Sony’s PlayStation Portable with their very own handheld? An “Xboy,” for lack of a better term?

Xboss Shane Kim doesn’t. In fact, he’s actually glad that Big Billy G’s company hasn’t set foot into the handheld arena. “I’m very happy we didn’t get into it, because launching a handheld platform is like launching another Xbox 360,” he said. “You have to be fully committed, as an organisation, from a resource standpoint, to doing that.”

“Frankly we’ve got a lot on our plate with Xbox 360 and Xbox Live. We don’t have any experience in that space. Our content assets don’t naturally lend themselves to driving success in that particular market. So we’re happy to let Sony and Nintendo slog it out.”