Sessler Declines “Fox and Friends” Appearance Due to Scheduling, Talks MW2 in Soapbox

Like clockwork, Fox News made a point of attacking the recently-released Modern Warfare 2 due to its inclusion of “that scene” on its show “Fox and Friends.” Interestingly enough, despite having been public knowledge for a few weeks now, the network opted not to raise a fuss until after people had made their purchases. No sense in warning people or acting on their concerns, after all, when you can simply stand there and complain about it.

That said, people have not exactly been thrilled with the performance given by founder Jon Christensen, wondering why someone the likes of Adam Sessler or Geoff Keighley were not asked instead. But as reports, Adam was indeed asked to appear, but due to scheduling, he had to decline.

That said, he does tackle the issue in the latest Sessler’s Soapbox:

Sessler raises some good points, and it’s unfortunate that they are being made in an avenue where they are less likely to do as much good as they could have.

Near the end, he spoke of Matt Keil, who wrote the Modern Warfare 2 review for X-Play, and the two discuss that scene and more in the next video:

Between these two videos, has anyone’s opinion changed regarding the game? Is there anyone who wasn’t going to get it who’s decided to give it a second shot? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.