SEGA Speaks on Dead Real Estate

Helping round out the Wii Zapper lineup of Stalfos and zombies is… well, more zombies. SEGA’s announcement that they were bringing their games House of the Dead 2 and its sequel to the Wii raised a few eyebrows in curiousity, and 1UP has pulled SEGA director Emiko Sunaga aside into a closet for a moment to get a few answers about what’s happening with the return.

When asked why these two particular titles were best, Sunaga felt they were the best in the series for the job, being both the most memorable and extremely popular with fans. But when queried about the absence of the original House of the Dead, he replied that the first game held a wider visual gap from its successors, which would hinder their ability to get the game to market sooner. “2” and “III,” as he refers to the sequels, were more unique and popular, making it the best choice for Wii fans to enjoy.

HOTD4, on the other hand, is still readily available in arcades, and the hope is that these two harder-to-find titles might drive players to arcades to play the most recent title.

When the game ships, Sunaga’s plan is for it to carry a value-price of $29.99. “It is even more value-priced for this title as we included two arcade games. And using the Wii Remote pointer, you don’t have to purchase any special gun controller, so anyone can play easily. And then if you play with the Wii Zapper, you can experience the games just like in arcades.”

To find out more about what has been added and other interesting tidbits regarding the franchise and SEGA’s view of the Wii as it pertains to arcade franchises, check out the full interview.