Sega Making Nice with Euro Ratings Boards During MadWorld Development

Sega announced today that it’ll be working closely with both the British Board of Film Classification and Pan-European Game Information to ensure that the ultra violent MadWorld for Wii gets a proper rating and release across the pond.

“Yes, it’s violent. We don’t try to hide that, but as publishers, we see it as a fantasy game – it’s fantasy violence. It’s over the top. It’s cartoony. We also take the violence very seriously. We are working with the age rating boards, with PEGI and with BBFC. We’re not at the end of the game’s development, but we’re working with them now to make sure that we don’t go over the top.” — Sega PR’s David Corless via EL33TONLINE

I would venture a guess and say that this is a result of the watchdog groups getting up in arms over the game’s over-the-top violence earlier in the month, and that Sega’s just trying to head off any sort of controversy that might erupt over MadWorld. The game’s got the inside track on being released — one would think — with titles like Manhunt 2 and Resident Evil 4 out on Wii already, but as all of us with Moms and Dads should know, never underestimate the power of a ticked off parental unit.