SEGA Invites You to Join the Make-a-Witch Foundation and Become Bayonetta for Halloween

All Hallow’s Eve is nearly upon us, and since there might be some people who would like to go out into the night (or people who want their girlfriends to, among other possibilities) dressed as SEGA’s newest femme fatale, Bayonetta, SEGA has asked us to pass along the word that they are only too willing to help fans get ready before the witching hour strikes.

You can join SEGA’s “Make-a-Witch Foundation” at, where they share numerous details about the character’s design and features, so that you can better recreate them personally. Up for grabs are details surrounding her outfit, glasses, hair, weapons, attitude, and more.

And if you (or someone you know) takes SEGA up on their generous offering of information, don’t be greedy! Send us some pics to news (at), we’d love to post some stuff like that. And what the heck, we’ll even post some that aren’t Bayonetta, if you ask nicely.