SEGA Counts Down the Characters of Project Needlemouse: Day 4

Called it.

I had a hunch that Shade would be one of the next to go, and I was right. However, I didn’t expect Amy to be bumped off quite so soon. I’ll bet Sonic is relieved, at any rate. I think we can count Big and Froggy out, too.

So that would leave Sonic, Shadow, and… Sonic’s New Friend, Mr. Needlemouse? They say it’s the final challenge, so unless they plan to remove more than two… well. How peculiar.

I wonder if they might be planning a new character after all? Or if we’ll get to play as some sort of proto-Sonic as a bonus.

Their newest challenge takes place on Twitter:

1: If you locked Sonic 3 onto Sonic and Knuckles, what was the largest amount of emeralds you could collect from special stages?

2: Yuji Naka is credited with much of Sonic’s history, but who is the man that actually designed Sonic?

3: During his creation, what was the Japanese name originally given to Sonic?

A bonus point will be awarded if “correct replies break 1,250 responses, OR if #SEGA or #Needlemouse become trending topics!” It’s not there yet, but hopefully one of these will happen in the next 24 hours.