Screw the haters, buy a Vita

Dear gaming community,

I've come to the realization that there are a lot of haters out there when it comes to the PS Vita. I can't quite wrap my head around it. Why are people so against a Sony mobile gaming system setting the standard for what mobile gaming should be? It's just a bunch of f**ks hating on it for no reason.

For example, I am getting a Vita when it releases this month. A gentleman that I was having a discussion with said that there's no point to a Vita. Hmm. I asked him to elaborate, and his argument was that there's no point to a Vita because the iPhone can play games, to which I responded, “You're a f**king idiot.” That comment was more than justified. I asked him if he plays games on his phone and he said he did, but only on the toilet – sometimes on the couch. I assume that he uses his toilet and couch both as a disposal for the sh*t spilling from his body.

Sittin' on a toilet

Have fun with your little swipe and pinch games; I'll be enjoying my dual analog sticks, a touchscreen and a touch back panel, and actual video games. Have you played a fighting game on the iPhone? Don't you think it'll be a lot better with like, I don't know, actual buttons?

That same person said that I won't be using it at home because I'll have a console there. That's not true at all. I have a wife that's obsessed with drag queen shows and Real Housebi**hes of Wherever There's Money, and a two year-old that takes over the TV by watching Pixar movies nonstop. They take over the nicest TV in the house, which means I can use my laptop, go on the computer, use a smaller TV to play games (ugh), or I can whip out a high-powered Vita.

People hate on the price of the Vita as well, simply because it costs an estimated $159.10 to make, and they're selling it for $250 to $300. It's called a business, people. Why would Sony spend a ton of money making a PS3 that fits in your pocket and then sell it at a price that doesn't make them a profit? That's not a good business model. That's like a painter spending a day painting a house and only charging his clients for what the paint costs. They have a company to grow and run, and I think that $250 is an excellent starting point for the Vita.

It's not fair to hate on it if you simply don't have the money and can't afford it. If any new system came out now for that price, the same problem would apply to you. Don't hate on people getting the Vita and the system itself merely because you can't afford it.

As for the price of the mandatory Sony Vita memory cards, yea, it sucks, but they're making more money, and you'd probably do the same thing if you were them. For $40 you can get a bundle that includes a screen protector, case, earphones, and a memory card – that's a heck of a deal.

bill murray pointing

Our own editor Vito Gesualdi said in his Screw the Vita, buy a PSP article that you don't need a Vita – no one does. Yea, that's true. We also don't need cell phones with cameras, games, and internet connection. We don't need luxury cars, we only need cars that run. We don't need air conditioning, but it's really nice to have. We don't need video games at all; pick up a book for your entertainment.

Another one of his criticisms is that announced games are just ports of games you can already own for the PS3, and there aren't enough Japanese RPGs. It's Sony – those are coming, trust me. And yes, there's going to be some ports, but aren't a lot of the 3DS games ports or remakes? With a handheld, I'm sure people are going to want to be able to play some of their favorite games. Do you seriously not think that great games are on their way? There's four games I'm already psyched about that come out within the first month. If it's a great game, so what if it exists on a console too?

Lastly, Nintendo and Xbox fanboys – just shut up. You're making yourself look stupid whenever you point to poor sales or bugs or whatever. Mobile gaming tech isn't for everyone, so it isn't going to sell like a console. Once the Vita picks up some steam, you're going to be choking on your words.

If you're not going to get a Vita or simply aren't excited for it, fine. That's okay and you're not obliged to get one, but why give into the venomous state of the gaming community and try to ruin the experience of the PlayStation Vita for people that are excited for it? What are you gaining by complaining about it, bashing it, and making fun of people getting it?

So do me a favor, leave us future and proud Vita owners alone. We'll be happy playing MLB 12: The Show and Uncharted on our Vita, and you can have fun playing Angry Birds and Words with Friends.




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Future PlayStation Vita owner


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