Screenshot tour of the first hour of BioShock Infinite

On PC, BioShock Infinite looks beyond ravishing. Dare I say, divine? I was definitely one of those obsessed fan boys that waited until 12:00 AM to swap my preloaded game over to the live one. Being the huge BioShock fan that I am, I spent the first hour glued to my screen, admiring the beauty of the game. Needless to say, I’m not tired! IT’S NOT LIKE I’VE BEEN IDEALLY ANTICIPATING THIS GAME FOR YEARS NOW OR ANYTHING.

Ahem, anyhow, while playing I got a bit overzealous with the print screen button. That means you guys will be treated to a screenshot tour of the first hour of the game, courtesy of me! I focused on mostly environmental shots and nothing is really spoiler-worthy, very minimal at worst. Now, would you kindly enjoy the raw beauty of these shots, and somehow let them hold you over until you can play today after work / school / act of god?

So pretty.