Screenshot from SEGA’s Upcoming RPG 7th Dragon Leaked

Remember last week when SEGA told everyone that “We’re Making RPG Now?” Well, they are and it’s for the DS. It looks like someone over at Famitsu flipped a switch a little too soon and released a screenshot (albeit a very blurry one) of Sega’s upcoming DS RPG, 7th Dragon. The page has now been deleted and no other details were released.

Famitsu website has unveiled by mistake what appears to be the first screenshot of 7th Dragon, the upcoming RPG from Sega for Nintendo DS. More to come soon. The page has been deleted now. — Gamekyo

I have no clue what is happening in that blurry screenshot but for some reason it looks like Tim from Braid going Super Saiyin. I would love to have a Braid/Dragonball Z Crossover RPG. Make it happen SEGA.