Sam’s Club has Wii Deals Come Black Friday; Target, Not So Much

This Christmas is going to be one good time to shop for Wii products… er, we think.

Kotaku provides the image on the left, which depicts a seriously kick-ass Black Friday bundle at Sam’s Club. They have Wii Fit for $79, which is okay. That’s ten, maybe twenty bucks off the regular price. Good, fine, great.

The real treat is their Wii bundle: One Wii console, two extra Wii remotes, two extra nunchucks, Mario Super Sluggers, and King of Clubs Mini-Golf. And sure, one or both of the games may not be your cup of tea, but considering the entire package rings up at $224, which is $26 less than just the Wii alone… hell, I’d take it.

But strangely enough, their source for this, Black Friday ads, says that doesn’t exist, and they have nothing for Sam’s Club. Most peculiar. I also raise an eyebrow at the odd number of Wii remotes and nunchucks included; the add says it comes with the console and three remotes/nunchucks; are they counting the ones that come with the console?

In any case, the other bundle of Nintendo Christmas cheer is a bit more mundane and official, popping up without fanfare at Target: The right image depicts the Wii “Multiplayer Controller Set,” which is a Wii remote, nunchuck, and Wii Wheel, all packaged together for $74.99. Which sounds good, until you consider that (as per their website) a Wii remote is $39.99, a nunchuck is $19.99, and a Wii Wheel is $14.99, thus bringing the total to $74.97… which means that when purchased seperately, you save two cents.

I think Sam’s Club, assuming that it’s real (I assume the site just removed it for some reason), is the winner here.