Sakaguchi Teases Blue Dragon Sequels

Blue Dragon may not has been powerful enough to single-handedly turn around the Xbox 360’s fortunes in Japan, but the popularity of the title reaffirmed Hironobu Sakaguchi’s relevance in the Eastern Market. With 200,000 copies sold to date and the console’s strongest market yet to be tapped, a sequel seemed all but inevitable. In an interview with C&VG, Sakaguchi discussed the future of the Blue Dragon franchise.

“…[Blue Dragon] will continue to build momentum as we get into things like Blue Dragon 2 and Blue Dragon 3. And that’s what we’re hoping; to really build on the franchise. Maybe it’ll take ten years (laughs).”

When directly questioned as to whether he was confirming plans for a sequel to the game, Sakaguchi joked that he would ‘ask Shane Kim’ that night.

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