Sadness Lives, Uses Oblivion Engine

Sadness is one of the projects that we’ve been endlessly teased with but have never gotten proper look at the game itself (then a out of the blue a press release gets shifted down, and here we are). Now we know why – actual game development just started a few months ago.

Pegged as a “psychological thriller” by Poland developer Nibris, Sadness is being developed for the Wii and Wii only. The developer has announced that the game will be powered by the Gamebryo engine, the fine piece of technology was used in recent Sid Meier games and, most notably, both of Bethesda’s current-gen works (Elder Scrolls: Oblivion and Fallout 3).

How’s the team handling the engine? “After getting familiar with the engine several months ago we made the decision to choose Gamebryo,” Tomasz Wisniowski, Project Manager of Nibris said in a recent release. “We will have quite a few graphical effects in our game, which some believe are impossible to attain on the Wii. Gamebryo helped make it possible. We are firmly convinced we made the right choice.”

Of interesting note, the game’s description includes the following bit of text: “Players will need to confront their greatest fears and protect themselves in hopes of not getting trapped inside the main character’s nightmare.” Should we have the family box of antidepressants handy, then? Eight unique endings and use of the Wiimote and Nunchuk should round out the package, whenever it decides to plop into stores. Our bets go to a 2010 top-down shooter WiiWare release. Make the Kombo Clan proud, Nibris.