Rusty Hearts Beta Key Giveaway

Don’t ask us how, but we smuggled tons of beta keys for the upcoming action-packed, free-to-play MMO Rusty Hearts from Perfect World Entertainment. Not only that, but everyone that registers their unique beta key will automatically be entered to win one of three awesome prizes.

1 Logitech G510 keyboard ($119.99)
1 Logitech F710 gamepad ($49.99)
1 Limited Edition Rusty Hearts bear

Do you ever think of playing a hack-slash game on your PC while sharing the thrill of dungeon crawling with all your friends? Rusty Hearts is calling all of today’s PC gamers to join a fast-paced action, multiplayer online experience with anime-inspired visuals. Unleash devastating sets of combo attacks as you fight your way through an army of vampires and monsters!

Face Lord Vlad, leader of the vampire armies, as he wages war against humans and half-Vampires alike to carve a pure-blooded future. Will you make a stand against Vlad and his fanatical followers?

Here’s how you get a beta key:

1. Be either logged in with your Facebook account or with your GameZone account.

2. Like this page by clicking the “Like” Button at the top of this page.
3. Comment using either Facebook or our comments section.

That’s it—easy as 1, 2, 3. We’ll then send you a beta key either to your Facebook inbox or GameZone inbox. You’ll be hacking and slashing ghouls and beasties before you know it.