Rumor: War Has Changed; Will Kratos’ Movie Ending Differ from Game’s?

Let’s face it, when it comes to video game-based movies, it has become an accepted fact of life that stuff is going to be changed. Often times radically, at that. So naturally, one should probably expect no different from the currently-in-development God of War movie, right?

Well, yes, and no. Cinema Blend reports that one entertainment reporter managed to get an opportunity to look over the script, and said that it was “almost slavishly” true to the game. That is, until you reach the end. Then things get interesting.

Warning: Thar be spoilers below.

As Cinema Blend tells it (haven’t played the game myself, sorry), Kratos concludes his quest in the first game by conquering and killing the God of War known as Ares. Following that, he is offered the mantle of God of War (someone has to do it, right?), and accepts.

But not in the movie.

According to CC2K, he “turns down the offer in the film and throws himself off of a cliff. Just before he splats on the rocks below, we hear him say, ‘Your turn, Hades…’ and the film cuts to black.” So, just slightly different, you might say.

CB draws a comparison to the end of “Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle,” where they decide to go to Amsterdam, setting up the sequel. Of course, other video game movies, such as “Super Mario Bros.” and “Street Fighter” have tried the same thing, and nothing really came of it. Nonetheless, you can see where they’re hoping to take this.

“In the second movie, I assume Kratos dies from the fall, wakes up in the Underworld, and fights Hades,” Cinema Blend writes. “While the first movie might follow the game pretty closely, it seems like the sequel would depart from God of War 2 quite a bit.”

Certainly an interesting approach… hook gamers and mainstream alike with the first one, loyal to the source material (mostly), then go nuts on things, Hollywood style. Come to think of it, it sounds a lot like how the Mortal Kombat movies played out. Think on that one.

Of course, filming hasn’t begun, and this could all be subject to change, CC2K notes. This could wind up an alternate ending on DVD, or perhaps simply discarded altogether. Heck, the script may even be revised from what was seen before the movie is wrapped. Assuming this is all true.

In either case, what do you think of the potential ending/sequel?