Rumor: Square Enix Canceling Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Crystal Bearers; Official Statement C

Earlier, we mentioned Square Enix’s plans for bringing the next installment of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles, Echoes of Time, to the Wii and DS. But what of the last installment, The Crystal Bearers?

In the latest issue of EGM, via the NeoGAF forums, there is a rumor that Square Enix is “quietly canceling FF:CC Crystal Bearers for Wii,” and to “look for FF:CC Echoes of Time for DS and Wii.”

Well, the latter part is no problem at this point, but are they really canceling Crystal Bearers? According to an e-mail GoNintendo received from the company, that would seem to be a falsehood, and they go on to say that “an official statement will be provided tomorrow.”

I wonder what they’re up to.