Rumor: Sonic and the Black Knight to Feature Multiplayer Battles?

Will Sonic and the Black Knight feature multiplayer?

That’s the question at hand, as GoNintendo has discovered (by way of GameFAQs) that the Nintendo Channel has an entry for the title which lists “multiplayer battles” as a feature.

The game is cited as supporting 1-4 players, which leads one to believe that perhaps these are simply minigames. On the other hand, the term “battles” seems to imply something more; could we possibly see some sort of four-player swordfighting mayhem? Perhaps something in a slightly Smash Bros./Power Stone fashion?

There doesn’t seem to be any talk of online so far, however, but then that’s not unprecedented in some Wii titles. With Shadow and Knuckles as optional playable characters (along with one other, perhaps?), multiplayer battles doesn’t seem too farfetched.

The real question is, if they do include it, can SEGA do it justice?

In any case, I’ve marked this as “rumor” purely on semantics; Secret Rings featured multiplayer minigames, but I don’t think that’s what really comes to mind when someone says “multiplayer battles,” so we’ll just have to wait and see what they mean.