Rumor: Prison Break Actor to Help Reduce BioShock Movie Costs

The above image is what greeted followers of Prison Break actor Wentworth Miller’s Twitter, suggesting that Universal may be moving forward with production on the movie again, following a hiatus taken so that Universal could find a way to trim some costs.

Casting aside doubts that this involves the movie, suggesting that perhaps he instead has a role in BioShock 2, io9 reports that later tweets seem to indicate that it is indeed the movie version of which he was speaking.

However, we can’t know for sure, as the Twitter account now seems to have been deleted. Hmm, curious timing, to be certain… perhaps he said too much?

In any case, io9 suggests that:

This means a few things: that Hollywood is moving forward with the long-in-development film, budget problems or not. Plus it means actors like Miller are going to be getting a second look as they are a bit cheaper than the big Hollywood A-list actors. I’m completely for this. I like Miller — he’s a solid actor in Prison Break — and I’m interested to see more from him. And I want to see who else they start to tap for roles in this film.

We’ll keep you informed of any confirmation we find of the project moving forward, or any future casting decisions.