Rumor: Leaked Final Fantasy XIII Box Reveals PS3 Details

The above image, purportedly a leaked shot of the back of the Japanese Final Fantasy XIII box for the PlayStation 3, may reveal some details about that version of the game, the Unofficial Final Fantasy Site reports.

Of note, the back of the box says there is no optional nor mandatory installation for the game, and that it will only take up 500kb for save data. It also indicates LPCM 5.1 audio and CGI sequences in full 1080p HD.

“While the game itself does run in 720p,” UFFS says, “this means the FMVs on PS3 will be of the highest possible quality. This may be the advantage PS3 will have over Xbox 360, as fitting lossless audio and large FMVs on a DVD will prove difficult.”

Of course, this is all unofficial, and remains a rumor for the time being.