Rumor: Kid Icarus Doesn’t Factor in to Factor 5’s Current Projects?

After a long period of rumored development, it seems there is new speculation that perhaps the developer has abandoned Kid Icarus and moved on to other pastures with new projects.

The company is said to still be working on two titles for the Wii, however, with one being a “casual” title, with the other being more in the vein of a third-person shooter.

According to Nintendo Everything, “The unnamed shooter is said to allow players to take action on both the ground and in the air. If the casual game is not Kid Icarus, then it looks as though Factor 5 may not be in charge of any such project that has been previously rumored.”

Funny… if someone told me there was going to be a next-gen Kid Icarus title, the first thing I’d imagine it being is a third-person shooter which allows players to take action on both the ground and in the air, but perhaps that’s just me.

For those unfamiliar, the rumor began last year, and really started to take form when some early concept art was revealed. There was talk of it being ready for E3, but that clearly was not to be, leaving Nintendo bummed about the lack of KI at E3 and a Fall release that didn’t happen, either.

Of course, Nintendo has kept mum about the whole thing, probably for the best if you look at where things have gone. And yet, new information continues to be stirred up.

Nintendo Everything has updated their story to say that “According to the same rumor source, the more hardcore Factor 5 game is not Star Wars or Star Fox, it began production in August 2007, and the shooter title technically could still be Kid Icarus granted the shooting elements translated into a Kid Icarus game.”

So, is it happening? To be honest, I don’t even care any more. Well, that’s not entirely true; I’m just tired of concerning myself with it. But if Nintendo says “hey guys, guess who’s back?”, I’ll be just as giddy as anyone.

That is, unless Nintendo lets Factor 5 or whoever goth the hell out of Pit as some of that early concept art has shown. Seriously, Brawl’s way (or something similar), or the highway.