Rumor: Jasper 360 Shipping in September

Hey, remember our old friend Jasper? Well, he’s back in the news again with another rumor, and since no one else would touch this, it falls to me.

Basically, this means that a newer Xbox 360, and hopefully any refurbished ones, will get a new motherboard that runs a little bit cooler. The 65 nm GPU, 65 nm CPU boards are expected to be finished in August, and are supposedly going to hit stores the first week of September.

I don’t know, not much else to say here, really, except maybe that this blogger is probably right about Microsoft not making a big deal out of it; you just know they aren’t going to launch a press release that says “We’re doing it right now!” In all likelyhood, any questions asked now will just get the answer “we don’t comment on rumors and speculation,” and if it comes to pass, they’ll treat it like no big deal, because hey, it’s not like there was a real problem in the first place. This one’s just cheaper to do, and new, more cost-efficient (for them) hardware over the course of a system’s lifespan is natural. So you can move along, nothing to see here unless you want to void your warranty.

All that said, there was an update to the story in which the writer now has more confidence in his source, as they “knew some of the relevant inside lingo.” Well, my mind’s at ease.