Rumor Hype: Halo 2 Selling in Retail?

What Xbox Advanced has received is very disappointing (especially to the Xbox gamers). Every one has to play Halo 2 before anyone else mainly just to talk about it. Some retail stores in various states of the U.S. have illegally sold some copies of Halo 2 to gain an earlier profit before they actually receive it.

Bungie spokesperson has told Xbox Advanced that ‘selling Halo 2 illegally will result into a lawsuit and would possibly result to a major $10,000-50,000 fine, depending on infringement charges.’ This is not from the recent Halo 2 file-sharing report, this is its own copyright infringement result.

As for the Xbox users, has stated in a recent article,”It is rumored that any XBOX Live user playing Halo 2 before November 9th (Halo 2’s release date, but then again you probably knew that) is likely to have their account banned from XBOX Live.”

It seems a bit to early to start selling. Pre-ordering is one thing, but actually selling a copy of the game before its release date is another.