Rumor: Game Gear to Join DSi Downloadable Games?

Yesterday, Matt Green and I brought you the word from his regional Nintendo representative that the Nintendo DSi would allow for downloads of Game Boy and Game Boy Advance games to the new handheld. Nintendo later contacted Kombo to let us know that such an announcement was not yet official for North America, though it seems to be a “go” in Japan.

Now, to add a little more fuel to the fire is this information from trusted GoNintendo source Pezmanmike, who was fortunate enough to be able to attend one such event of his own. And word is, SEGA might want in on this one, too:

I was at the dsi event in Naperville, IL and the rep there told us the same thing, that like the VC you will be able to download gb/gbc games. Now I don’t remember if he mentioned gba but he DID say that supposedly sega was interested in bringing Game Gear games to the dsiware too. Nothing set in stone but they are looking into it. — GoNintendo

Well, it would make sense that SEGA would want in– after all, most peoples’ best memories of the company are what they were, rather than what they’ve become.

In any case, hopefully we’ll hear something official for North America out of Iwata’s keynote tomorrow.