Rumor: Further Evidence of Xbox 360 20GB Price Cut?

First, it was K-mart’s ad, and now there is one from Radio Shack showing the 20GB Xbox 360 unit priced at $299.99. Both are set to take effect on the 13th of July.

In addition, The Hollywood Reporter is stating that a “major retailer, who requested anonymity” said that a price cut would come prior to E3, which runs from July 15th to 17th; these fliers fit that bill. Such a price cut would leave the popular Microsoft SKU at $100 less than Sony’s 40GB PlayStation 3, and only about $50 more than the single SKU of Nintendo’s Wii.

DFC Intelligence President David Cole suggests that the move has been expected, but doesn’t feel it will trigger an immediate sales spike, but may have a greater effect in the holiday season. “Clearly, whenever you have a price decrease it puts pressure on the competing systems, because price is one of the major factors consumers consider when deciding which system to buy,” he said.

Microsoft has refused to comment on any of this, citing the usual “rumors and speculation” crap.