Rumor: First Screens of Latest DS Castlevania

Recently, the GameFAQs forums were privy to new screenshots of the upcoming DS Castlevania title… or, at least that’s what an alleged member of the Castlevania team who posted there would have people believe.

However, with the thread now gone and the user deleted, there’s really no way to qualify the validity of these screens until Konami comes forth and makes some sort of official announcement. So in the meantime, all that is left is speculation.

There are a few things that can be discerned from these screens if they are for real, however. The first is a return to the more traditional pre-anime form that many a Castlevania fan has preferred. The second is that there may be a possible female protagonist (though admittedly, it can be hard to be sure at first glance these days).

The third is that it seems to hold true to the “Metroidvania” style which the series has adopted with Symphony of the Night. And if you glance beneath the “Game Start” text on the title screenshot, you can see that the Wi-Fi Connection would make its return from Portrait of Ruin, though in what capacity is unknown.

So far, so good. But the most intriguing aspect of these screens is above the “Game Start” text. Look closely, and you’ll see a very familiar three-letter word that plenty of people are familiar with lately… Wii.

Could this purported title have some sort of connection to Nintendo’s unstockable console? And if so, what?

Of course, it may all be for naught, as we still don’t know whether or not these are the real deal. So for the moment, have fun speculating on what the next Castlevania may bring, but in so doing, take these screens with a grain of salt.