RUMOR: Final Fantasy XIII Special Edition Contents Leaked

Gamestop Italy has listed the contents for a special edition of Final Fantasy XIII that Square Enix confirmed without detailing last month.

No one other than Gamestop Italy has listed any details on what the western special edition for Final Fantasy XIII contains. Gamestop’s listing however is detailed enough to warrant attention.

The biggest piece of extra content supposedly included is the game’s soundtrack. If this rumor is true, then the soundtrack likely won’t be the full four-disc set included in the Japanese limited edition. Soundtracks of Japanese games like Metal Gear Solid 4 that have come with western special editions have always been cut-down versions.

Gamestop also lists three books. The first is a prequel novel, possibly an English version of the “Episode Zero” web novel series released in Japan before Final Fantasy XIII’s release there. Gamestop also lists a graphic novel and an art book. Lastly is a cover illustration. Gamestop Italy prices the special edition at €79.98.

Square Enix confirmed on December 13th that Final Fantasy XIII would have a special edition for its western release but hasn’t said anything about what it will actually contain. If Square Enix announces the details they might do it on February 13th as their final “13th day of the month” reveal.

If Gamestop’s listing is trustworthy then it is also possibly that it could apply for more than Europe since Final Fantasy XIII will release on March 9th there as well as North America.