Rumor: Fable 2 to Release on May 30th?

Today’s shaping up to be a pretty sweet day for Fable fans. Earlier in the day, we brought you news that Molyneux was delivering the goods: you’re getting acorns and trees in Fable 2. And now, well, you’re getting something even better. A release date for Fable 2. Maybe.

During last weekend’s Live event, it seems that attendees were given swag bags featuring a booklet that had a rating and release date for Lionhead Studio’s big 2008 RPG. According to said booklet, the game is releasing on May 30 with a 16+ rating from PEGI (it’s the European version of the ESRB).

So, why the “maybe” at the beginning of this story? Well, previous reports suggested that Fable 2 would hit no sooner than October of this year, and May is… a bit sooner than October. Nonetheless, we’ve e-mailed Microsoft for clarification/confirmation/whatever they’ll tell us, and we’ll be sure to report to you with whatever we hear.