Rumor: Blue Castle to Make Dead Rising 2?

Rumor has it, from EGM, that a new Dead Rising is in development, but not by Capcom; rather, it is said to be in the hands of a development studio based in LA.

Today, another rumor has sprung up from Kotaku about a western developer taking the ‘Rising reins, only this time, it would be the Vancouver-based Blue Castle, who are best known for their work on The Bigs for 2K Sports, as the small, 100-strong group have a mysterious “action game” for the Xbox 360 listed as one of its projects.

This would not be the first time Capcom has done such a thing in letting western developers work under Japanese management. This is evidenced by the likes of games such as Bionic Commando, Dark Void, and even the Wii version of Okami.

Kotaku attempted to confirm the rumor with both Capcom, who wouldn’t confirm or deny, and Blue Castle, who didn’t respond, so it remains firmly in “rumor” territory for the time being.