Rumor: 360 Dashboard Going 3D; Motion Controls to be Used

Kotaku has come across a bit of info concerning a possible update to the Xbox 360 Dashboard that would bring about some major changes to its navigation.

Staying in line with a long list of rumored updates for the (unconfirmed) spring update, motion sensing capabilities may soon come to Dashboard, considering the long-rumored motion controller for the 360 is in fact in development.

Don’t expect this type of control to be limited to the current “blade” system, though. According to insider sources, a second interface option enabling a 3D Dashboard is being developed to go hand-in-hand with the motion controller. Users would seemingly slide through menus and windows with an added layer of ease.

Can’t quite picture such a concept? Think Minority Report, only with a slightly less dose of Spielberg and more than a simple seasoning of Allard.