Rockstar: Nothing New with GTA IV 360 Exclusive Content

Following yesterday’s Take-Two fourth quarter conference call, the interwebs went ablaze with rumors that Microsoft had secured even more exclusive downloadable content for Grand Theft Auto IV, to be released in 2009. The deal was originally slated for only two episodes of downloadable content. Fanboys heard the battle cry, and the rumors instantly spread like wildfire.

Unfortunately it was all a misunderstanding. As often happens in this online media frenzy we live in, a small detail was overlooked and for a few minutes, it seemed as though a third episode of GTA downloadable content was on its way.

Take-Two had originally scheduled both of its GTA episodes to hit in fiscal 2008, but has now changed that outlook to reflect a delay in the second episode’s release, meaning the first episode will hit in fiscal 2008 and the second will hit in 2009. Rockstar has told Next-Gen that there will be “no new content in 2009,” and that the 2009 release is “merely the second of the two previously announced [episodes].”

So what seemed like such good news is actually just news of a delay in episodic content. Don’t worry, though, the game itself is still set for a Q2 (February 1 – April 30) release. Stick with AMN for more news.