Robbie Bach says, “Xbox 360 to be Profitable by 2008”

Robbie Bach, Microsoft’s president of Entertainment and Devices Division said that the Xbox 360 will be profitable by next year.

“It’s a business that will be profitable next year—we’ll make money next year and that will be the first time, which is pretty exciting. And then the next two or three years are the place where you need to make tracks, and the next two or three years are where you have to make money.”

Microsoft’s venture into gaming has been running at a lose since its inception. Some analysts and investors have criticized their strategy in the past. Financial analyst Roger Ehrenberg created the following graph that shows the division’s financial report:

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Oh, and if you weren’t aware, the numbers above are represented in the millions. So that $1,262 is really a $1,262,000,000 operating lose.