Ring In the New Year With Three New Virtual Console Games

The stroke of midnight approaches, and the New Year’s Ball descends upon Time Square… 4… 3… 2… 1! The New Year is here!

And you don’t even notice because you and your friends are preoccupied with a pair of dragons exhaling soap bubbles.

Such is one scenario that could happen, and we’re sure some people in the biz would love to see happen as Nintendo’s Virtual Console lineup adds three new games for New Year’s Eve.

For the SEGA Genesis comes the 1-player action-RPG known as Light Crusader, an E-rated adventure which follows the journeys of Sir David as he carries out the charge of King Weedon to investigate the recent disappearance of his townspeople. Sword in hand, Sir David must overcome trials of combat, puzzles, and a cost of 800 Wii points.

NEOGEO brings home 1 or 2-player action in TOP HUNTER, rated E10+. Choose from either Roddy or Cathy, a pair of bounty hunters as they set out to conquer a motley crew of space pirates and their leader, with the help of their special retractable arms and 900 Wii Points.

And finally, dragons roam the earth once again as Bub and Bob bounce back in BUBBLE BOBBLE for the NES, a 1 or 2-player arcade classic puzzle-action game rated E for Everyone. 500 Wii points is all it takes to send you on your way to beat the baddies and attempt to find the mysterious “true ending.”