Retribution Coming for Xbox 2

Xbox 2 news has been somewhat scarce these past few weeks, with the holidays and all, but today it seems an update’s in order. Along those lines, developer U-235 studios recently announced development of Retribution. In development for the Xbox 2 and PC platforms, Retribution fits into the first-person shooter and third-person shooter genres, putting players in the role of a young man whose looking to avenge the death of his mother and father, who were murdered in front of him as a child. Below’s a plot synopsis.

“As a 12 year old boy you watch your father (a navy IA officer) and mother murdered. Growing up a juvenile deliquent you finally get released to freedom at age 18. Mayhem, revenge and retribution are on the cards as you set about avenging your parents the only way you know how. Hire and train a crew or go it alone…take on a marine corps fort, drug lords’ compound, kidnap an influential figure, assassinate a target for money. Build wealth and influence, mass an arsenal, command ships, all in the name of Retribution.”

Retribution will make use of the Reality engine from Artificial Studios, and will let players build up a team, or play as the young man alone. The game will also include crew battle management for techniques and combat, 11 scenes to play through, including a beach hideout, drug lords compound and more, a number of vehicles, and multiplayer modes spanning death match and team death match. Retribution is scheduled for launch during 2007.