Respec SWTOR Guide

Whether you have been playing Star Wars: The Old Republic for over a week or just picked it up yesterday, it is in fact live now.  Part of going live means that the perks of beta are over.  What we are going to be specifically looking at today is ‘respecing’ or ‘resetting skills.’  This guide will attempt to aid you in your SWTOR questions.  Since the game came out yesterday, I will admit we do NOT have all the answers quite yet but I will update as I learn more.


Let’s start with the basics.  Once you reach level 10 and go to your faction’s fleet, you can learn one of two advance classes for your base class.  With your advance class, you also gain ‘skills.’  These skills are broken down into three skill trees which can be accessed through a branch like icon (5th button from left to right) at the top of your screen OR by pressing the “K” button.

At level ten you get 1 point to put in a skill tree and 1 skill point every level after.  The more points you put in a tree the further you can advance in that tree.  Specializing in a tree grants access to unique spells and greater benefits for those type of skills.  For example, a Sith Sorcerer going down the Corruption (Healing) tree gets a unique spell option called Resurgence for putting 10 points in the tree and then 1 more in the actual skill ‘Resurgence’ to learn it.  This skill can ONLY be achieved through this method. 

Respec (Resetting Skills):

Respecing is for those who don’t like the order they put their skills in, for those who want to try out a different tree, or simply want to mix things up.  NOTE: YOU CAN NEVER CHANGE YOUR ADVANCED CLASS – once you pick one of the two options, you have it forever.  Only making another character of the same base class will give you access to that other advanced class option.

HOW to Respec:

Both factions have NPCs you can talk to that have <Skill Mentor> under their names – talk to these NPCs to respec.  This will start a dialogue which at the end it will give you an option to say ‘Yes’ – I want to relearn my skills, or ‘No’ – I do not want to relearn my skills.  If you click ‘No’ then the dialogue ends.  If you click ‘Yes’ a pop up menu will appear with a price (in credits) that must be paid to continue; with this pop up you can still choose ‘no’ to the credits cost thus ending the dialogue without any sort of currency exchange.

COST to Respec:

This is a fuzzy area.  I’m only going to say what we know so far that we can confirm.  I’m not sure if there is a cap to cost.  I’m also not sure if the cost deteriorates the more time which passes without respecing.  What we DO know, is that the cost jumps significantly each time you respec.  Below is what we can confirm for costs. The cost does go higher, WAY higher, and it is assumed that this trend will only continue each time you respec.  Mathematically we did not come across any sort of definite pattern; hopefully this gives you a relative idea of what to expect each time you do it.  Below are the costs for a 29th level character.  It is belived costs are differnt per level.

  • 1st time – 0 credits
  • 2nd time – 400 Credits
  • 3rd time – 2675 credits
  • 4th time – 8000 credits

WHERE to Respec:

This is a popular question.  For that reason, we have gathered some pictures to show you EXACTLY where to go for both the Republic and Empire players.  ANY <Skill Mentor> can help you respec but I’m going to reference you to two most popular and regularly accessible ones – the ones at your faction’s fleet station.  NOTE: CLASS TRAINERS DO NOT RESPEC YOU LIKE IN OTHER MMOs – YOU CAN ONLY RESPEC FROM THE SKILL MENTORS.

  • Republic Fleet Skill Mentor – Leuro-Khian

  • Empire Fleet Skill Mentor – Assistant Kunoa

That’s all we have for now.  Hopefully it helps.  As I said before, we will update you as we learn more.  If you have any specific questions on this topic, feel free to leave a comment and I’ll do my best to answer it.