Renegade Kid Reveals Wii Project Based on Major ‘Horror Icon’

Renegade Kid is giving hardcore Wii gamers one more reason to keep the faith.

The development studio has revealed an ambitious new Wii project based on one of the “biggest horror icons of all time.” Renegade Kid also announced the game will be published by Gamecock, continuing the partnership that resulted in 2007’s Nintendo DS horror/shooter hybrid Dementium: The Ward.

“Based on one of the biggest horror icons of all time, the game’s name, plot or what systems it will be available for have yet to be revealed.

“The completely new title changes things up from past Renegade Kid projects in terms of gameplay, genre and style. …This new title is incredible, and a huge leap forward for them and the genre.” — IGN

Specific details are sparse, but the information seems to indicate the project is not exclusive to Wii. Renegade Kid released a simple teaser image, pictured above, to keep fans guessing.

My money is on Jack the Ripper.