Regions of Rift

Rift, the ambitious MMO from the minds at Trion Worlds, is finally upon us. A fantasy MMO, Rift distinguishes itself from the rest with specialized character trees and world wide invasions. Launching today, players will be adventuring through Telara soon enough. However, Telara is a varied place, with lots to see, which is why we’ve made this guide to the following regions of Rift. Whether Guardian or Defiant, these areas are going to offer plenty to see and do.

Terminus – For those rolling one of the Defiant races, Terminus will be your first area. Taking place in a post-apocalyptic region of Telara, here players will race to a time machine to travel back to Telara before the factions and rifts caused its destruction. It’s a dark region, and a bit on the small size; however, players will spend most of their time elsewhere.

Mathosia – The starting area for the Guardian players, Mathosia is where the recently dead (and now revived godly chosen players) will get a feel for the game. Mathosia looks and feels like a northern European village and forest, with early level enemies populating it. Like Terminus, once completed, players will be unable to return to this zone, so make sure to get your fill of this rather dark zone.

Silverwood – Silverwood is your typical high-fantasy forest zone. It’s a great place to take in Rift if your computer is a rocking rig, as Silverwood is a dynamic and beautiful area. Ambient dust particles will float in the dappled light, and forest ferns and other plants will blow in the breeze. Light will dynamically shift through the branches of the trees, making the entire area look spectacular.

Freemarch – An early zone for the Defiant side, Freemarch is an agricultural, valley area with some tropical coastlines to boot. This is a generally open zone, with lots of low-growing trees and apparently flaming squirrels. Here is where you’ll find the Defina capital city of Meridian and the undead area surrounding an Iron Fortress (visible from across the map). Early Defiant players will spend a considerable amount of time here.

Stonefield – A zone for Defiant players between 17-23, Stonefield is a dark and foreboding former mining region of Telara. Earth rifts are common here, and players will take on all sorts of earth elemental enemies. Gigantic stone skeletons are all that remain of fallen Titans, and it’s almost always raining. Once they’re about halfway through the game, players will find this region to be a darker shift from the relatively tame Freemarch.

Moonshade Highlands – Much later in the game, players will be able to duke it out between factions in Moonshade Highlands, a colorful and verdant region with abandoned dwarven fortresses, Defiant and Guardian control points, streams, rivers, and plenty of explorable space in the rugged, low-lying peaks. You’ll see everything from pink blossoming trees to ruined statues in the slightly magical Moonshade Highlands.

Scarlet Gorge – One of the first regions Defiant and Guardian forces meet, Scarlet Gorge is heavy in fire elementals and is about as close as you’ll get to cowboy country, with mining, wooden machinery, canyon streams, and graveyards with wooden crosses emulating a Grand Canyon-esque western. There are some amazing waterfalls located here, and the bright red landscape makes a great contrast to other areas.

Scarwood Reach – Remember Ferngully? You know, that movie about fairies fighting against pollution? Well, Scarwood Reach embodies what would happen if the fairies lost at the end of the flick. A formerly lush and healthy forest, Scarwood Reach has been all but destroyed by the time players get here. It’s a barren landscape, one that the forces of Life are trying to reclaim. Like Fire and Earth, green Life rifts will open often here, and they pose a major threat.

Draughtlands – If the Scarlet Gorge is a western take on the desert, Draughtlands is the African savanna. Centaurs are one of the major citizens of this arid region, which contains one of the most impressive towns in Telara. Called Lantern Hook, this city is built inside a massive hollow boulder. Bright and sunny, Draughtlands is one of the most distinct areas of Rift.

Iron Pine Peak – The typical “snow region” in every video game, Iron Pine Peak shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise to players. Blistering cold, Iron Pine Peak features all sorts of unique areas, from white-out blizzards, crystalline caverns, evergreen forests and more. Enemies are particularly challenging here, so make sure you’ve put in the grind before attempting this mountain.

Shimmersand – Shimmersand is the complete opposite of Iron Pine Peak. A Saharan-style desert environment, this area is where Arabian influences will be most readily seen. Palm trees and oases are the only bits of greenery here, but the city of Fortune Shore is the real location of color ad vibrancy. Expect Shimmersand to be one of the most memorable areas of the game.

Stillmoor – The final region of Rift, Stillmoor is an example of what both the Defiants and Guardians expect will happen to the world of Telara. Stillmoor is an utterly destroyed and decimated region of Telara, and Death rifts will be especially common here in this end game region, which plays out the final conflicts of Rift. Stillmoor is where Rift players will find their greatest challenges in the world of Telara.