Reggie, Miyamoto Discuss Wii Storage Solution: ‘Better Solution’ Than HDD; Flattered by MS A

In a recent interview with the Latin American Club Nintendo magazine, Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime and Senior Managing Director/General Manager Shigeru Miyamoto spoke out on a number of subjects, including the issue of storage space on the Wii and what they think of Microsoft’s “Mii 2s.” Here are some translated highlights:

The Miyamoto part:

They ask if Wii Motion Plus will be in future Zelda games, he confirms they’re working on Zelda and Pikmin but says nothing about WM+

He talks about all the peripherals (Wheel, Balance Board…) and says there won’t be a lot more, they have enough already.

Oh, they ask him about hard drive solutions and says to expect an announcement in the future since they’re working on possible technologies.

The Reggie part:

Says Animal Crossing is not casual and that they’re gonna have GTA on the DS for the hardcore gamers. They’re not making a “hard drive” but will come up with a better solution.

They ask him about the Microsoft avatars and says “copying is a way of flattering, so we’re very flattered.”

Says a console redesign is when the sales go down, not up when asked about a DS redesign.

They also talk about the E3 and whatnot. — GoNintendo

Eh, HDD, a “better solution”… just give me a solution, and I’ll be happy. Then again, maybe haste isn’t a solution. Still, I’ve already had to start deleting channels…

As for the Avatars, let’s face it, this stuff happens in this biz. I imagine having others copy you means you’re on the right track.